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Slim-fast.comSlimfast is a Unilever brand of product that helps people loose weight, as it provides caloric and nutrients to ensure a healthy diet and adequate nutrient intake while dieting. Slim-fast.

com is the user webpage where the product’s consumers can find information on dieting and healthy eating that can help them to maximize the use of nutrient supplements like Slim-fast. In it users can register in order to access several of the free special features, like Personalized menu plan or Weight Loss Calculator plus they become a part of the Slim•Fast community by participating in one of the several boards and forums. At the site you can buy one of the several Slim•Fast products, take advantage of special offers and sweepstakes or read the testimonials from other users. The page is available in a Spanish version, and in order to access any of the site’s special features users are required to be over 18.