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SlifeLabs.comSlife is a free application that enables anybody to keep track of how he spends his time when sitting in front of the computer. This is achieved by automatically observing how and when specific applications are used.


An application like this serves a very specific purpose – designers, developers, architects and related professionals can use it to keep track of the time spent on projects and bill clients accordingly.

Slife can be downloaded for free, and the minimum system specs are listed online. Release notes and changes are also concisely detailed. Moreover, a Slife Teams version is being developed right now. This new version will make it easy for teams to track their progress and maximize time.

Finally, information on future updates and versions of this application can also be accessed on the Slife blog. A video tour that spotlights the way Slife works is likewise available, and it can be checked out anytime by following the provided link. In Their Own Words

“Visualize your activities, manage your time more efficiently, and get more stuff done. Slife makes it easy and beautiful.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Individuals and teams will find it a viable option for saving time and self-organizing themselves.

Some Questions About

When is Slife Teams coming out?

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