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SlideStar.deSlideStar is an open educational platform akin to your local college or library but in cyberspace. The SlideStar community is made up of mainly students and academics who can exchange any educational content and material they find useful.

Publishers of content are free to define their own terms of use. If agreed upon, materials can be used and furthered for your own studies or research. Your Slideware (content) can come in any number of formats such as the almighty PowerPoint slide, an audio file, video, PDFs, Word, of course, and plenty of other mediums to suit your learning pleasure. Profs can share their e-lectures with just their students, or the whole world if they so choose. This is a community and like any online community these days, members can pick and choose their favorite Slideware by ratings and votes. Organizations, aptly called Slidespots in SlideStar lingo, can register and let others view what they have to offer. A world map shows each registered SlideSpot for easy comparison. Anyone can become a SlideStar. Even you. In Their Own Words

“SLIDESTAR is committed to simplify your educational life. Whether you need helpful material for your studies or you want to find out more about the lectures of a professor or organization, we like to assist you.

SLIDESTAR aims to be the first platform to make teachings at universities and schools more transparent and comparable. Thereby we want to upgrade / improve the educational systems across every country participating in our community.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Slidestar is great for the on-the-go/lazy student who happened to spend too many nights partying before exams. It’s also a good idea for those who simply want to learn. It’s free too, which is perfect for the poor student set.

Some Questions About

Slideware = content. Will publisher’s license agreements get in the way of true educational enlightenment? Will students simply use SlideStar as another tool in their arsenal of rule-bending techniques?