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SlideServe.comIn general terms, SlideServe is a web-based resource that lets you upload any PowerPoint presentation that you have come up with and see what others think about it. This way, you can increase your skills by receiving instant and accurate advice from designers with a higher level of proficiency.

The opening screen spotlights featured presentations and site users, whereas a “Presentation of the Week” section is included for additional reference purposes. The presentations that have received the best ratings and the ones that have been viewed the most are equally highlighted.

Another aspect that merits a mention is that presentations can be shared both on a public and private basis, and if you wish to keep things as widespread as possible the corresponding link can be embedded on social networking sites. Of course, it is always possible to forward the link via e-mail.

By way of conclusion, if the basic premise sounds appealing to you, and you think that your presentation skills still have some way to go, a resource like this can help things improve in a live setting. You can reach it at and start sharing on the spot. In Their Own Words

“SlideServe is a revolutionary free service which gives users the power to easily share, discover, view powerpoint presentations online. Everyone can view Presentations on SlideServe. People can see the latest presentations of speakers at latest events, find slides about their hobbies and interests, and discover the quirky and unusual. Just after you demo your presentation at a conference upload the presentation to SlideServe to share it with the world.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It enables anybody to hone his skills and come up with better PowerPoint presentations in an elastic fashion.

Some Questions About

How long can the submitted presentations be?