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Slideplay.Blogspot.comJtvmaker is an mp3 Slideshow Generator and Album Generator for photo sharing. It could turn a group of selected photos, mp3 and a lyric file into: javascript slideshow, applet slideshow, thumbnailed gallery page, standalone slideshow application.


Features: Lyric support, photo filtering effects, fade/wipe/Ken Burns transitions (in slideshow applet), annotation text; css gallery themes. This tool could make better mp3 slideshow (smaller file size, high resolution, more transitions, and lyric support). Besides, the generated result could be served on user’s own PC or run as a standalone screensaver. Java is considered as sluggish for a long time. However, the latest j2se6nea has resolved the browser hangs/freezes/crashes problem (may be released early 2008 officially).

Author : Bruce Turner

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