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slashdoc.comMost of us have hundreds of documents sitting on our computer like old research papers, creative writing or resumes that nobody else can see. Slashdoc allows you to upload any of these documents to their site where they are entered into the major search engines allowing your work to come of the next time people run a search on Google.


This might not be for everyone but for those who feel that their work is valuable and just lacks exposure, this is the ideal site. Upload your resume and multiply your chances of getting that dream job or upload a research paper that you are especially proud of and maybe you will be contacted by someone who feels the same. In a day and age when many employers Google potential employees, this is a great tool to make sure that people can find out more about you when they search. In Their Own Words

Slashdoc is the place to put all the documents you have sitting on your computer that you think are useless. Those include old school papers, essays, and research projects. Or once which are valuable but are not getting enough exposure. Those may be your resume, poetry or creative writing. Anything goes! We will accept anything as long as it’s not illegal, of adult nature, or blatant spam.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Many people will jump at the opportunity to have their work accessible on the major search engines. Anyone who feels that there work deserves a second look will be excited to be able to upload it at Slashdoc. Also, the fact that the user maintains ownership of what they upload and don’t have to pay a dime will make this a very attractive site.

Some Questions About

There does not seem to be an obvious business model here. What exactly will they be doing with the information that you submit? Will they be able to compete with a similar service offered by Google?

Author : Caroline Bright

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