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Slantly.comSlantly is a new online opinion tool that allows publishers to create discussions and debate by integrating the Slantly platform into their site. Amongst the many features provided by Slantly is the ability to generate customizable polls about current news or issues.


Readers can vote and also add comments which are displayed in a forum, conveniently attached to each poll. The polls and discussions are available on the publisher’s site but can also be accessed at Publishers also have access to their own dashboard where they can create polls, moderate discussions track demographics of voters, and customize the look of discussions to blend better with their site. In Their Own Words

“Slantly is a flexible and powerful platform that captures the opinions and emotion in your community, providing deeper interaction and increasing engagement with your content.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Since launching a few days ago, the site has already generated significant buzz and they are currently being used by, amongst others, NYVTV and Fox12 Oregon. This easy to use platform increases interaction on publisher’s sites and for that reason it should become an increasingly popular tool. The availability of the API should also allow big brands to customize the platform so that it maintains their unique branding look and feel.

Some Questions About

Will they be able to differentiate themselves from other similar sites like Polldaddy which although not identical, have already gained significant traction in this space?

Author : Caroline Bright

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