Make Slack Even More Efficient With Apps From The Slack App Directory

Today’s Killer Startup: Slack App Directory


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Elevator Pitch:

Slack App Directory is your one-stop shop for Slack apps.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

Slack exploded onto the team and project management scene in 2015, blowing everyone else out of the water. Almost as quickly as the tool was adopted, we started seeing developers pushing out apps that make the already useful program even more useful. Everything from GIF extensions to apps that let you order food directly from Slack have popped up over the past few months. But how do you keep track? How do you know that your Slack is customized and functioning as fully as it possibly can?


Well, one way is by going to the Slack App Directory, which lists awesome apps approved by the Slack team. At the time of me writing this, the Directory already had more than 150 apps listed, with the promise of more to come. They’ve broken it down into easy-to-navigate categories so you can go right for what your team needs (they’re all about efficiency, after all) or you can browse around their landing page and see if something strikes your fancy.


The new Slack App Directory also comes with an easy in-Slack search function in the form of a slash command. (Of course.) All you have to do is enter “/apps” and then a word related to what you’re searching for, and Slack will offer up the relevant apps. So, for example, if you want a new GIF app, you’d just enter “/apps gifs” and pick from the options available!


Developers can also submit their apps to be included in the Directory, making sure they get in front of the vast — and rapidly growing — user base found there.



Loving @slack hq? Well, you’re going to love it even more once you see their #app directory


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