May I Please Slaask You A Question?

Slack rocks. It’s one of those things that you just have to experience firsthand because it’s tough to understand or explain otherwise. Slack just works for team communication. Design, speed, flexibility, capacity to handle multiple interactions without ever appearing cluttered…


And, get ready for it: Slaask is going to make you love Slack even more.


Slaask landing


Slaask is a customer service chat app built to work directly in Slack. You can now enjoy the same ease of communication between teammates that Slack facilitates – with your customers!


No need to add on another app, or to switch back and forth from apps and tabs and emails in order to converse with customers. Slaask is an easy-to-use tool for managing customer relations in a dedicated Slack channel. You can go from exchanges with your coworkers to fielding customer questions simply by switching Slack channels. Not only does this let you work more efficiently, but it helps you keep your work organized neatly within one app.


You can use Slaask to store all your customer information and history of interaction. This beats dredging through emails or fishing for open tickets any day. Plus, engaging visitors faster translates into happier customers and more conversions.


It hardly needs to be said that being there for web visitors immediately is good for business. Plenty of chat apps now have automated features that simulate a live person chatting, because it’s such an effective way to provide customer service. There’s still no substitute for human-to-human contact, though… which is tough for plenty of companies to swing.


Slaask gives companies the ability to chat with customers without being pulled far away from other tasks – not to mention, the liberty to field customer inquiries from anywhere, on any device that already has Slack. Even better – Slaask is a live chat tool that won’t break the bank.


Currently all Slaask features are free. There is mention on the website of future premium plans that may offer higher storage caps and additional features, but even then, live chat channels will remain free.


Think you don’t have the time, money, manpower, or mental juggling skills to provide live chat on your site? Think again. Slaask makes chatting with customers via Slack as easy as, well, chatting with your crew or anyone else on Slack.


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