– France’s Most Popular Social Network

SkyRock.comEveryone’s heard of Myspace, but have you heard of SkyRock? If not, perhaps you should ask your Francophones friends because this social networking site is a hit in France. It’s bigger than both Myspace and Facebook.

They focus heavily on French speaking markets including Switzerland and Belgium; however, the site is also available in English, German, Dutch and Spanish—it’s very EU. The site has got a load of attractive features which could probably convince a choice selection of North Americans to swap networks. For example, each member gets a personal blog in which they can store as many photos and videos as they wish. There are also profiles, of course, chatting, friends, messaging and search. You’ll also find plenty of attitude and photos of everyone’s wonderful lives. It’s free to join. In Their Own Words

“The Free People Network”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This site has the Myspace everything goes appeal. It’s international. Everyone gets their very own blog with ample space to fill it up with self aggrandizing photos and videos. The blog star feature lets anyone become an instant celebrity and gather admirers from all over the globe.

Some Questions About

Will SkyRock be able to make a dent in the American market, considering the popularity of Myspace and Facebook?