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Skinnyr.comSkinnyr allows you to keep track of your weight in graph form. You can view this graph from the site, or use their Facebook application to keep track of it from your profile, or download the software to monitor your changes without having to be connected to the internet.


You can display your graph on your MySpace page, or any other site that allows you to embed HTML code. I’m not quite sure why, but if you wanted to subscribe to your graph to be kept updated, you can use the RSS feed. They also have a bookmark link that allows you easy access to the site to input your daily weigh-in. If you enter your height and sex, you can also monitor your BMI to see if you are of a healthy weight. In about three months the site should have a whole new group of features besides these graphs based on what users have requested over time. If you want to see something in particular on this site, send them your three site wishes and you might see them up on the new and improved site in a few months. In Their Own Words

“ started out as a personal tool to track my weight while I dieted. As any geek would, I showed a few friends. To my surprise, everyone wanted their own graph, so I decided to whip it up into a site over a weekend. My friend Chris Casper joined me in creating the first design (the site has since been redesigned), and there it is.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Once new features are added, the fact that you can access it from so many different ways is a nice tool. There are already a lot of users tracking their weight gains and losses continuously. Having a Facebook app is a feature that a lot of other weight loss sites don’t include. Though I wouldn’t want to share my weight loss efforts with my friends, it would be cool to have it on a site I waste so much time on for me to view and update at my own discretion.

Some Questions About

What will the new features be? Will they allow the site to compete with all of the other weight loss sites out there? What new features will be added to the Facebook app?

Author : Charly Zaks

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