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SkillShare.comServices like this one seem primed for success at a time in which people are trying to save money at every turn. SkillShare lets users do exactly what its name suggests: swap knowledge for knowledge. And it lets them do it right where they live, too, as the site emphasizes interactions right within local communities.


Using SkillShare you can specify where you are located and see what others are willing to teach there. That is the idea once the site picks more traction, though – as it stands right now, the one and only supported territory is New York City.

Still, it is already palpable that will lend itself to lots of unique and novel uses. Right now, you can find people who can teach everything from languages to how to travel around the world with a set budget (and one that mostly anybody could aspire to). And there is even people offering help on things such as how to launch your very own startup, so it can be said that SkillShare is really comprehensive in terms of scope. In Their Own Words

Share your skills and learn with other remarkable people in your community.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Sites like SkillShare are invaluable in times of financial frailty such as this one – people will get what they need without having to spend a thing.

Some Questions About

Are you allowed to charge for your skills if that is what you want? Or is charging fees strictly forbidden?

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