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SizeUp.comThis new service comes with the promise of turning business intelligence into something that lies within everybody’s grasp, and it makes good on that promise by enabling even the smallest of companies to have access to the kind of data that (until now) only large businesses could obtain. SizeUp enables SBOs to evaluate their overall competitiveness by looking at the demographic and geographic data that those who run big companies always take into account in order to make smart decisions.

Users of SizeUp can have their businesses compared in terms of revenue, employees, growth and profit with all the companies that are operating in adjoining positions, and they can have the results of such comparisons placed on a map where both vendors and potential buyers can be visualized at once.

Moreover, SizeUp can show users the best places where they can advertise their services. They can have areas analyzed and sorted by criteria such as highest/lowest revenue, and they can quickly figure out where the most underserved markets are.

And all of the above can be done absolutely for free. SizeUp is meant to be a paid service one day, but as long as the site remains in beta then analyses can be carried time and again at no cost whatsoever. In Their Own Words

Business intelligence for all.

Some Questions About

How much is SizeUp going to cost? Will different subscription plans ever be provided?