– Visualizing Tags

Sixpli.comThe European new comer Sixpli is a visualization design tool developed for use with del.icio.

us. Users can navigate through their own tags in an interactive network which employs different imaging methods including elastic net 3D, 2D and circles. It’s pretty imaginative, eye bending stuff—the creators are influenced by the likes of Borges, Turing and Godel. The graphics aren’t simply decorative, Ikea-esque things, they have a structure and purpose—communication. The way 6pli interprets tags is meant as an open commentary of sorts. Its aim is to allow people to discern and enjoy different organizational forms, to achieve a new sort of navigational experience. To take part in Sixpli you’ll need a account. Registration with Sixpli is completely free. In Their Own Words

“You can select one or more accounts and navigate—6pli integrates the accounts finding common tags”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This is an interesting site with artistic resonance. Those interested in visual culture, organization and structure will no doubt find the site fascinating. Gives people a chance to rethink navigation in terms of optics and design.

Some Questions About

Will anyone use this? Is it far too brainy/artistic too become even remotely popular? Funding?