– They Invented The Remix

SitScape.comFor years, musicians have been remixing old songs and labeling them as new. If you though the internet would be saved from that phenomenon, then you haven’t heard about Sitscape.

com. On this site, you’ll be able to find out about a product that will let you clip items you like from a website, and remix it into a custom site of your own. It’s like taking the iGoogle concept and blowing it up a thousand times. Any live component of a site, you’ll be able to clip and add to another site (or your own). This makes for a “web remix” experience that can be both entertaining and useful. For instance, you’ll be able to keep track of stocks, weather, and your favorite team, all from one page with the sources you trust (and clipped from their original home). In short, this is a new and creative way to surf the web for your favorite content. In Their Own Words

“Enable on-demand composite web applications with componentization, redistribution, and remixing of the web”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It’s kind of fun to do this. Taking clips from your favorite sites and making more from them could be a great way to change the way we surf the web.

Some Questions About

Will people like the idea? Can they add more to make it a better service? Is it practical?