– QR Codes For Mobile Marketing

How cool would it be to have a business card that links to all of your social profiles? Yes, to all of them. To Facebook. To Twitter. To LinkedIn. And to any other social site that you have signed up for, and that you find yourself pointing lots of people to on any average day. Well, that precisely what Sitomic lets you do. In a way that’s fast and simple, this company can create a QR code that you can print of your business cards, and that will take people to all your social media profiles just by being scanned.


Sitomic puts an end to getting on a potential client’s nerves by telling him “This is my LinkedIn profile, this is the Facebook page where you can take a closer look at our products, this is the Twitter account where you can learn about product updates…”. Thanks to something like Sitomic, you can spread that information around in a jiffy. You won’t even have to say a word, just handing your card out will do.


And if you’re in the Real Estate industry, then you’ll also be able to benefit from Sitomic’s technology. The company lets you make the most out of your print campaigns by placing codes in them that (when scanned) will show clients multiple photos of your property in HD. Plus, the client will get to share the listing on his favorite social networks, and also via email. And the best part is that Sitomic comes with detailed analytics, showing you how many times any code has been scanned and shared.