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SiteReport.orgA new resource that aims to bring transparency into the Internet, Site Report provides both users and webmasters with a good overview of any site they are interested in. That is, through the site they can learn more about aspects such as daily traffic and rank as well as the world reach that the site has.

Besides, server-related considerations such as the location and the IP number are provided. Each and every report you can peruse also includes an estimate of how much each site earns per day, and its overall value.

A nice touch is that in addition to this information which is retrieved more or less mechanically the one who designed SiteReport has left room for the input of users. That is, in each and every case the featured reports can be accompanied by user-generated reviews. These are provided at the end of each report so that they do not clash with the rest of the information which is featured, and they add an interesting twist to the whole process. Of course, such a feature lends itself to self-aggrandisement but that is nobody’s fault. In Their Own Words

“SiteReport is a free online service where you can gather information about every website currently registered on the internet. Our software compiles data from various sources in real-time and presents you with a comprehensive report. Members have the ability to rate and write reviews, and we also offer a large selection of handy website related tools.

It is our goal to make the internet a better place for webmasters and consumers. We envision a day when you no longer have to deal with online scams or fraud and have all the information you need to make informed decisions about the online businesses and websites. SiteReport is intended for every internet user out there, whether you are an advance webmaster or simply a normal consumer.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is an interesting way to learn more about any single website in one fell swoop.

Some Questions About

Is there a way in which the neutrality of the reviews could be ensured?