search cancel – Sponsored Search Engine is a very basic site.


It only offers a search engine with which you’re just able to find sponsored links related to the following main categories: Travel, Health, Cars, Mortgage, Computers, Gifts, Flowers, Insurance, Jobs, Homes, Diet, Education, Shopping, Music, Dating, Electronics, Cell Phones, Debt Consolidation, Investing, and Credit Cards. It also gives you the opportunity of finding sponsored links for many sub-sections related to the ones mentioned above. You can move from one listing to another for almost as long as you want, and will continue finding sponsored links for “related” sections for the “related” categories you’ve chosen, each time increasing the length of the endless chain that relates one listing to another. If the site runs out “related” sub-categories to display, you’ll be offered some other links to catch your eye.

Author : Fred Inman

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