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SiteBar.orgSiteBar is an application that is aimed at those who use multiple computers and wish to have centralized access to their bookmarks. This is accomplished by storing them on an online server.


As it is explained on the site, the server itself can be either the SiteBar server run by the authors or a public server running the SiteBar software. Alternatively, it is possible to use your own server, as long as you install the (free) SiteBar software to go with it.

Browsers that are supported include Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Opera, and the integration itself is a seamless process. The site actually includes a screenshot tour to get you started.

The fees that apply are described on the site, and the different available plans are individualized. These include “Basic”, “Standard” and “Premium” packages along with “Partner” and “Admin” incarnations. Demos are also available in most cases for you to give SiteBar a try before you buy it, and see if it is right for you or not. In Their Own Words

“SiteBar is a solution for people who use multiple browsers or computers and want to have their bookmarks available from anywhere without need to synchronize them or take them along.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a practical and reasonably-priced solution.

Some Questions About

How can I find out which plan is the suitable one for me?

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