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Siri.comSiri is the kind of development that can simply amaze us, even when we were fully aware that it was forthcoming. This iPhone app has been in the works for quite a couple of months now.


We all knew what was coming. Still, the feeling you get when using it makes you think of every speech-activated command in the history of science fiction from “Beam me up Scotty!” to “It’s showtime, Synergy!” to all the way down. Because Siri does that to a large extent: it is an app that will recognize what you are saying and take care of performing a (so far simple) action like booking a table or buying tickets for the latest movies.

The app is available for free, for the mere reason that it is too early to charge for the service. It is quite bumpy still, and it might have difficulty understanding even some basic orders. But that is the point of the release: to give you a good taster, and to collect enough feedback for the next version.

The one thing you must bear in mind before downloading it is that the app is quite demanding in terms of performance, so anything less than an iPhone 3GS probably won’t do. In Their Own Words

“There’s a new way to get things done -Just ask Siri.

No more endless clicking on links and pages to get things done on the Internet. Delegate the work to Siri and relax while Siri takes care of it for you.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It showcases the true versatility someone like an iPhone has. Just think of all the advantages something like this could bring to disabled people.

Some Questions About

Will this app eventually be a paid one?

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