– Send Links To Your Mates/Family Easily

Siphs.comSo you come across an absolutely adorable picture of some sort of cat and you must, but must, share it with your kitten crazy sister-in-law, what do you do? Do you, A, write out a quick email with the link included?, or perhaps you do B, and mention it to her over coffee at your next family get together, or if you’re in with the latest tech, you might choose route C, and use Siphs to share it with her instantaneously. That’s right, Siphs makes sharing URLs so much simpler than anything else you could possibly imagine.

Every time you get the sharing urge, hit the Siphs bookmarklet and choose the email addresses of the recipients you’d like to send it to. Your links are tallied up along with the most popular links in your personal Siphs account. Siphs is free to use. In Their Own Words

“Siphs is a free service that lets you share, store, and keep track of links you send to your family, friends and colleagues.’

Why It Might Be A Killer

Siphs in theory is a good idea. Clicking a button is much easier than drafting a whole email, signing in to your account and hitting send. Instead of those horrendous forwards, you can just you Siphs.

Some Questions About

Is there a real need for Siphs? Is it that horrible to send a link via IM, email, or via social network? Will people get Siphed?