– Have Your Own Micro Site

SinglePagers.comA platform that makes for the creation of a new kind of micro site, SinglePagers aims to let anybody have a presence of sorts on the WWW. That is, those that for one reason or the other will not sit down and run a site, a blog or even a fotolog can build up a micro site and be visible on the Internet.

As a matter of fact, there is more to SimplePagers than that – these micro sites can also be used by people who already have their own blogs or sites, but that need to post something very specific online – something that wouldn’t really fit anywhere else, such as professional information. A micro site like the ones that can be created using SimplePagers could come in handy then, and not only because they are created very quickly but because they can include fully-functional contact forms.

Best of all, these singlepagers can be created for free. It is even possible to have several up and running at the same time, so that it is safe to say you will be able to cover your every need through this new platform. In Their Own Words

“Designed with a dash of simplicity, a pinch of minimalism, and a healthy helping of elegance, singlePAGERS are WordPress-powered one-page microsites that help you stay socially visible on the internet!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will give anybody a golden chance to become visible online.

Some Questions About

How are these singlepagers updated?