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Not long ago we reviewed here at Killerstartups,, a website for watching only online music videos, which you can read following this link. Now, we have come across, which is also a video portal that adds some features to the big portals like or offers its users a way to organize video searches, based on the fact that the amount of videos online can make it hard to find what you want. adds categories in which they classify the videos available, and this will give users the chance to make some restricted searches for the topics they specified. The categories included in the page are News, Sports, Entertainment, Technology, Business, Humor and Gaming. The links for each one of these is included below the search box in the site. Clicking on each one will show you general results for it. If you want to find a specific issue within one of the categories, you can enter the search term and the category’s name separated by a period. By doing so, you will get the search results which are available under each category.

But the searches may be classified not only by category. For example, you can also add “.date” or “.cnn”, to get results organized by date or videos recorded by news channels. When some search results appear highlighted in blue, this means that they are live videos being broadcasted at the moment.

Another of the features that Smivi offers is the chance to follow searches you’ve made without doing them all over again each time. This will help if you follow certain kind of videos that are updated regularly, like reports by sport channels. You just need to select the follow option for some search and from that moment on you will be notified when new videos appear. In Their Own Words

Smivi aims to improve the video search experience by bringing you fast and relevant search results.

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