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SIMSCarnival.comSIMS addicts, here you go! SIMS Carnival has just been launched, taking this virtual, yet creepily lifelike, game to a whole to dimension. This web-based network is a game-sharing network, giving users the ability to either play a game that has been previously created by other players, use their noggins to make their own game with the game wizard, or upload a flash game they have created on their own.


SIMS Carnival is run on user-generated content, and relies on the interaction of members to grow and sustain its existence. Users can play around with the various options to customize their games as they wish. In Their Own Words

“The Sims Carnival is a new online community and gaming experience from The Sims that makes game creation and sharing more accessible and fun than ever before. The introduction of this new creative endeavor from The Sims is designed to convert millions of players into game designers – no programming skills required!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

SIMS fans will be pleased with this new network. It’s still the same old SIMS we know and love. However, with this tool, users certainly have more freedom and can tap into their own creativity more. Even more interaction and innovative game features would add to this system.

Some Questions About

What other features can be developed? How else may users interact with one another?

Author : Bill Webb

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