– A Tool For Rebranding eBooks

SimplyRebranded.comSimply Rebranded is a service you can use in order to let your visitors rebrand any of your eBooks, brochures or guides. That is, what you visitors can rebrand is any of the affiliate links included there.

They will do it with their own IDs, and this will let you see an increase in viral traffic while they are making money out of affiliate deals.

From a technical point of view, the rebrander engine works with Open Office .odt files. You upload your eBooks in such a format, and then Simply Rebranded creates PDF copies for the affiliate to use whenever he rebrands any link. Note that you are the one and only person who can download the Open Office file – affiliates have only got access to their branded PDF. And it is vital to mention that Simply Rebranded can brand not only texts but also images.

You can sign up for a demo account in no time at all. This demo account is limited to only one ebook for rebranding, and one brandable tag. If you want to go beyond these restrictions you will have to sign up for the paid “Publisher” account. In Their Own Words

“Ebook rebranding made easy.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is an immediate and secure way to give people a chance to rebrand your own content – they don’t have access to the original files, only you do.

Some Questions About

How much can an affiliate earn on a month?