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SimplyFailed.comIs success the absence of failure, or the presence of it and the knowledge we derived from the fact of having failed categorically in the first place? My money is on the latter. I can’t recall who said it now, but the plain truth is that we learn everything there is from our failures.


Our successes do no teach us anything. And if you feel like learning from other people’s mistakes and also sharing your very own, then giving the Simply Failed website a good look will be a good move.

In essence, is similar to the Fmylife website. That is, it is a spot where people are free to post their fails and read the fails of others. Whether you want to learn from those or just want have a few belly laughs is up to you, and certainly there are posts which lend themselves best to one purpose or the other.

The fails that are posted can be voted up and down, too. In that way, you can quickly figure out which stories are the funniest/most illustrative at a mere glance. Of course, using the site comes at no cost. If you want to post a fail of your very own, you can do it without breaking stride. In Their Own Words

“Life as a failure can be quite tough so here’s a smiley face to cheer you up.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

As I said above, we learn more from our failures than from our successes. This site will let us all share these failure stories around, and chalk each experience down.

Some Questions About

Is the content on the site curated in any way or the other?

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