SimplyAfterschool Dramatically Reduces Time Spent Managing Afterschool Programs

Afterschool programs are wonderful for students, teachers and parents – if you overlook the huge hassles involved with registration and management. Which is hard to do.


Those tasked with organizing and running programs find a lot of administrative work on their plates – creating and distributing brochures, tracking enrollment, organizing class rosters, processing payments, and managing waitlists. That’s a tremendous amount to do before a program begins, for anyone, especially on top of full-time work.


SimplyAfterschool is an afterschool class management platform and afterschool registration software that provides administrators at private, charter, and public schools with a quick and easy solution to organizing and managing afterschool enrichment programs. The web-based application can reduce admin time by 95%.




SimplyAfterschool streamlines and simplifies a number of tasks that have typically been done manually or using legacy software unfit for the tasks at hand. With this afterschool registration software, administrators can provide intuitive, user-friendly registration, automate rosters, and collect payments instantly. When activities fill up, parents get added to a waitlist automatically.


“Perhaps the biggest value SimplyAfterschool offers those who spearhead afterschool programs,” says SimplyAfterschool CEO and sibling Co-Founder Gary Tuch, “is that we’re able to drastically reduce the amount of time and effort that goes into running a great afterschool enrichment program.”


Because SimplyAfterSchool is cloud-based, users don’t have to download anything or need any coding skills to get a program up and running. Neither do they need to sign any contracts or pay any fees. This gives schools a cost-effective, hassle-free solution to offering after-school programs.



CFO and Co-Founder Shaun Tuch adds, “Administrators are increasingly on the lookout for affordable, user-friendly tech to decrease administrative costs and offer such programs. With SimplyAfterschool, we’ve made that possible.”


Parents can appreciate easy online registration and payment, as well as automated email reminders about classes. For both sides of the desk, things like contact details and student allergies are kept organized and easy to find.


Since a public beta launch last September, SimplyAfterschool has caught on quickly. The company reports 400% growth. Rather than charge schools setup or recurring fees, the startup charges a 3% convenience fee when parents pay to enroll their child in a class.


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