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SimplrManage.comThere are many resources that let people have their own websites, in many cases without even having to pay for them to be hosted. These are good for personal information and miscellanea, like those who want to celebrate Eric Cantona’s glory days as a Manchester United footballer.


That example might seem a little ludicrous, but that is why it is a good example – people create personal websites about just any old thing or pet obsession they have. However, when it comes to having a professional website it is a completely different story, and your range of choices is considerably limited. In the event you are a real estate agent looking exactly for that (IE, a chance to have a professional-looking website), SimplrManage might just be what you need.

Basically, through such a service you can have your very own real estate website and manage your listings from it. Each and every listing comes with pictures and full support for Google Maps, whereas IDX is integrated by default.

As far as editing content is concerned, that is made easy by the provided Microsoft Word-like interface. That is all the more convenient owing to the rapidly-changing nature of the Real Estate market, and such a functionality ensures you will always provide a faithful rendering of what you are offering. In Their Own Words

“As traditional media like newspapers loses customers, the use of the internet is constantly growing! Direct people to your website to reach more clients. Make a great first impression to your clients with one of our professional websites!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a good way for such professionals to have an effective representation of who they are and what they do on the Net.

Some Questions About

What plans are there for you to choose from? Are these upgradeable?

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