– The Name Says It All is a site which makes it really easy for you to host files—it takes just one click.

Some of the benefits: besides being absolutely free, SimpleUpload offers unlimited speeds, unlimited diskspace and file size, and unlimited file lifetime. Besides that, users can create so called FreeFolders which are made available to the public, although password protection is optional; these folders can be created and edited as often as you’d like—you will, however, have to register first. To make things even more simple, you can download the free SimpleUploader which allows you to drag and drop files into a queue, upload files from another computer over a network, see a history of files you’ve uploaded, and it also offers transfer rate, support for proxies and sonic indications of your finished upload. This Israeli company offers a much more sophisticated and free file sharing and upload experience than the myriad of others out there. Try it out for yourself. In Their Own Words

“ is an online one click file-hosting service.
It allows users to upload, host and share files and photos for
free and offers unlimited speeds, unlimited file-size, unlimited
lifetime of files and unlimited disk space for any of your needs.
Also, this is an ad-free site for premium users and that’s why
downloading process has never been so easy and fast”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Things you should like about SimpleUpload: for one, the service does really fit the name, also, it offers much more features than other similar and free upload services; it also provides both public folders and private ones, so you can share your good with everyone or just a circle of friends. Everyone has files to share these days, which makes SimpleUpload a good place to start.

Some Questions About

Can links be passcoded? Is it really free, or do you have to pay a price for unlimited file size and lifetime? If it is free, can the site survive on advertising alone?