The Simplest, Most Elegant Way To Calculate Timezones

Today’s Killer Startup: Klok




Elevator Pitch:

Klok is an app that lets you know the timezones of places you care about around the world.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

As I write this post, the beautiful green countryside of Vermont is streaming by out the Amtrak window, slow enough for me take pictures – all perfect red barns with their little white farmhouses, meandering creeks, and covered bridges. However, in less than a week I’ll be speeding through the Japanese countryside on one of their high-speed bullet trains, going from Tokyo to Kyoto. After that, I’ll be settling down in Bali for a couple of months.


I need to work — and make deadlines — in all of those places. All of the publications I write for are in the States, which means I’m going to be doing a lot of timezone calculating. Here’s the thing: I’m terrible at getting timezones right. I’ve missed so many calls over the years because I added an hour or subtracted two when it should have been three, or I just plain messed up which timezone the person was in. Seriously — it’s complicated.


That’s why a tool like Klok is so great. Klok is an app for iOS that makes it super easy to know what time it is, anywhere in the world. You don’t even have to unlock your home screen — just swipe down and Klok is right there with the date. Program in as many or as few places as you’d like and you’ll never have to write that embarrassing email explaining why you missed an interview with one of the top tech CEOs in the country.


You can choose to have an analog clock if you’re old school, or go with digital. The whole thing is simple, convenient, and great – not just for work, ‘cause you can bet that my mom expects me to call regularly too, and not accidentally at 2:00 AM.



Timezones are unreasonably hard to calculate. Let #Klok from @buUuk do it for you. #digitalnomad


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