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SimpleMeet.meEven though you know that swapping emails orally is the last thing you should do when making any kind of new connection, you still end up doing it again and again. And this happens because there are not that many alternatives for sharing contact information around. Or are there? has just become available, and it aims to position itself as one of the fastest and easiest ways of sharing contact information ever.

The logic behind this new web service is pretty simple, as people who use it receive a short, four-digit code to give others instead of their usual email addresses. These codes can be transmitted orally with ease – people can jot them down just anywhere, and memorizing them is also possible. It all depends on the context, but a four-digit code is invariably easier to remember than a twenty-character email address.

Whatever the way in which the other person chooses to remember it, this code is letting him start a one-to-one chat session when used to start a session on the website. Nothing but that code has to be disclosed. And nothing has to be paid, either. In Their Own Words is a simple service to solve an awkward problem. You are corresponding with somebody on the phone, a potential new business partner for example, and no electronic contact information was exchanged yet. During the call you want to exchange some textual information which is too complex or simply too much to spell, which is where comes into play. provides an instant chat between two or more users, the only thing necessary: A simple code.

It was never easier to get in touch instantly without having to know each others contact details. No signup or setup required. Just direct your opposite to and ask for the code he or she sees. Enter the code in your browser window and you’ll instantly be able to chat.

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Are new features forthcoming, or is the site remaining like it is right now in order not to lose its simplicity and usability?