Want To Be A US Citizen? SimpleCitizen Will Help

Today’s Killer Startup: SimpleCitizen




Elevator Pitch:

SimpleCitizen makes applying for US citizenship so much more simple.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

Oh, US Immigration. You are simultaneously the savior and enemy of hundreds of thousands of people. On one hand, so many people want to get into the United States, so Immigration helps get them there. On the other hand, the process of applying for residency — not to mention citizenship — is so complicated and byzantine that plenty of people give up before they even make it through to the end. Why oh why are we still stuck in the Stone Ages with this??


Well, at least one company is all about bringing the immigration process firmly into 2015. SimpleCitizen was born from the trials and tribulations of two startup founders who went through the citizenship process themselves and saw just how terrible it was. When they wanted guidance on even the most basic things, they were forced to turn to lawyers who charged thousands of dollars for their services. Frustrated, they created SimpleCitizen in order to make sure that other would-be immigrants wouldn’t have to go through the hell that they went through.


SimpleCitizen not only lets people fill out their immigration forms online, from anywhere and in a fraction of the time that it normally takes, but they also have a guided “learning center” that helps teach users about immigration as they go. They also offer a service whereby the entire application can be reviewed by an immigration lawyer before it gets sent out.


Now, you might be thinking: “That must be expensive!” But in true startup style, SimpleCitizen has made this usually very expensive process totally affordable. The application costs $250 and you can add on an attorney review for $99 and guidance for $129. Compare that to the amount that immigration lawyers charge for the same service, and, if you’re still convinced, calculate how much time you’ve saved and how much your time is worth. I bet you’re convinced now.



This #startup actually figured out how to make the US #immigration process EASY! No joke: @SimpleCitizenUS


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