– Discover Without Searching

SimilarWeb.comAn add-on that is available to Firefox users everywhere, Similar Web makes for coming across sites that you might like, or which are at least similar to the ones your are visualizing at any given time.

What this add-on does is to sit unobtrusively on the side of your browser while you are surfing the Net, and automatically displaying sites that have points in common with the ones you are visiting.

This way, you can easily “discover without browsing” and find sites that might appeal to you without any additional effort on your side. Taking into account the (bulging) rate at which the WWW grows, it is always nice to have options for finding contents you might like. Besides, this is a free service that simply entails downloading the provided add-on to get going.

As it was mentioned above, this improved method of navigating the Internet is available to Firefox users, but an update that will bring the same functionality to Internet Explorer users is underway. Watch this space for future developments. In Their Own Words

“Discover without searching.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a practical way of coming across contents and sites that might appeal to you.

Some Questions About

Will other browsers be eventually supported besides Firefox and Internet Explorer?