– Prescription Drug Coverage is an insurance company that’s authorized by Medicare to offer two different prescription drug plans, namely CVS Caremark Value and CVS Caremark Plus. If you enroll for these programs, you’ll have access to preferred pharmacies within the company’s network in which you’ll get your drugs at a much lower cost.

The big difference between the two plans that are available is that the CVS Caremark Value plan is the one that gives you drugs at a lower price, and that also covers you in the event that your prescription needs change.

This plan is the right one for Medicare-eligible beneficiaries who take minimal prescription drugs, and whose health needs are subject to changing over time. And those who take prescription drugs on a regular basis will be the ones well-catered for by the CVS Caremark Plus plan.

The premiums that are to be paid, now, are lower if you enroll for the CVS Caremark Value plan. But keep in mind that premiums always change from one State to the other. You can see how much you’d have to pay by visiting this section of the site, and picking the State you live in from a menu.

And once you’ve enrolled for a plan, then you can locate the nearest preferred pharmacies by using the search tool that’s available here.