– Prevent Spam Easily – Prevent Spam EasilyEmail Aliasing is a new way of preventing spam because it only allows sites that are approved to email your email “alias” for that site (e.g.

[email protected]). Silverfeed allows you to create aliases and easily manage email aliases for all the sites you use via the site or browser plugins. All approved emails are forwarded to your personal account so that it works with any email service; corporate, Gmail, Yahoo, etc. If you respond it goes back to Silverfeed and is sent to the recipients from your alias — so Silverfeed is a firewall protecting your personal address. In other words, the site allows you to easily filter what you want in your inbox. There is no need for you to leave your email with big companies anymore, just use your alias and control what they know about you and your email account. – Prevent Spam Easily In Their Own Words

“Silverfeed manages email conversations, keeping your personal email private.”

Why – Prevent Spam Easily It Might Be A Killer

Everyone hates spam. Letting people get rid of it quickly is a great move.

Some Questions About – Prevent Spam Easily

Isn’t it a little too complicated? Don’t spam filters work ok? – Prevent Spam Easily