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Sidekiq.comThe search engine Sidekiq allows users to search by category. To use it, enter your search query in the provided search box.

Click on any category to see results within the same page. Click on another category or subcategory to see different results. Categories range from the visual web, to kids´ interests, personals, blogs and newsgroups, and magazines, journals and books. The site pulls up specific results which you normally wouldn´t find with a general query on other sites like Yahoo or Google. There´s nothing to install and there´s no registration required. In Their Own Words

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Why It Might Be A Killer

Sidekiq narrows down searches to specific categories. Rather than having to wade through pages of results, with Sidekiq you immediately get the responses you´re looking for. Also, you don´t have to retype your query to look in a different category.

Some Questions About

How will sidekiq attract users? Will it offer saved searching, RSS feeds etc?