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SickWeather.comSickWeather provides you with something that’s incredibly valuable: a forecast for illnesses. Using this site, you can know which diseases are going around. The site is powered by data which is submitted by users, and that’s displayed on a world map. You can search for illnesses as quickly as you can add your very own symptoms. It’s all started by providing your city or postal code for the site to focus on that area, and you to share/get the relevant information.

If you’re a parent, a site like this one is priceless. It will let you know about any highly-contagious diseases that are going around in any place that you are thinking of taking your children to. That’s the kind of information any parent would do anything to get. And this site offers it, for free. You just have to choose the area you want to know more about for a full list of symptoms to be mapped out.

SickWeather reminds me a lot of a site that we featured some time ago named What’s Going Round. As explained on our original post, that’s a social network in the truest sense of the word. You can talk to others about how you’re feeling, and see if they can help you get better. In Their Own Words

Sickweather offers forecasts for the good of your health.

Some Questions About

Based on what’s said on the site, which American cities are the healthiest?