– Real-time Disease Detection

SickCity.orgSickCity is a new application that will let you learn about diseases in any city. At this moment, this is a Twitter-based tool, but the programmers hope to extend its outreach and include Facebook support as soon as possible.

What this service does is to scour Twitter for mentions of diseases in any of the supported cities, and present the results back to you in a context that is clear and easy to understand.

You can learn about diseases such as flu, food poisoning, sore throats, headcolds and chicken pox right on the spot, and the site includes a series of charts that have the aim of letting you see the information in a visual way, and (hopefully) remember it better.

The main page also lists the sickest cities on the world right now, and the list is currently topped by the Big Apple, London and San Francisco.

Other than that, it must be mentioned that the source code can be procured through Github, so that if you want to find out how it was all put together you can do so without working too much of a sweat. In Their Own Words

“Realtime disease detection for your city.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is an interesting resource that provides valuable information in an immediate manner.

Some Questions About

Can you request your city be added to the database?