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Shwowp.comShwowp is a site that aims to make the lives of shoppers easier, and the whole process of buying anything online a more entertaining one to begin with.


In general, what the site does is to let you consolidate your whole shopping history and use that information to allow you to make more intelligent decisions in a shorter span of time.

In order to consolidate that data (which will invariably come from a lot of different retailers), the site requires you to forward your every receipt or order information to Once enough submissions have been made, Shwowp will be capable to start working out trends and patterns, and use that information to offer intelligent recommendations to you, IE items that are sure to suit your tastes at discounted prices, and at retailers that are located nearby at that.

And Shwowp has a whole networking angle to it since you can share what you are buying through sites like Facebook, and then track your influence on other shoppers. In Their Own Words

“Do more with your shopping history!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It makes shopping easier and more direct, not to mention that it gives it a whole social sheen.

Some Questions About

How many receipts must you submit for Shwowp to begin yielding good results?

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