– Document Your Whole Life Using Photos

Shuttercal.comThe objective of this website is to let you document your life in images. This is done by creating a “shuttercal”, a calendar to which you add a picture that you have taken each day.

By capturing things like this you are creating a true visual timeline that you can then go over as often as you want. And a site like this one will also let you hone your photographic skills, of course.

What I really like about a site such as this one is how much it can make you learn to value small things. That is, you have to add a photograph per day. And some days you won’t be that inspired. When that happens, you are sure to photograph something that doesn’t mean that much to you right then and add it to your shuttercal. Yet, when you look at it a month later you will realize why you added it, and what the day you took the picture really signified.

And note that your shuttercal can be printed and delivered, too. Sharing such a visual record of your life with relatives that might not be really technically-minded becomes even easier thanks to such an option. In Their Own Words

“ShutterCal is a free, calendar-based photography project where you can document your life and improve your photography skills at the same time.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let you keep a visual record of your life that can go as far as you want.

Some Questions About

On average, how much does it cost to have a ShutterCal printed and delivered?