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Shutterb.orgIf word processing is the task at hand, chances are a visit to this site will sort you out. Presented by a Canadian team, Shutterborg can be described as a free word processor that is entirely web-hosted.


When you first visit the site, you are asked where the document in question is located. You can pick documents located both in your computer and in the WWW, whereas a new document can be created from scratch if that is what you want.

As far as editing features go, all the basic functionalities are accounted for, yet there are no outstanding features. You can choose your font, change its color, align the text… you get the drift.

The one aspect that gives this tool added presence is the ability to modify the text of any webpage without having to edit or touch the .HTML itself. This will obviously fuel the creativity of those who have either 1) A well-developed sense of humor, or 2) A lot of time on their hands. And if both suppositions turn out to be true at the same time, then we will be in for some highly amusing times. In Their Own Words

“Shutterborg is a free word processor that runs entirely in your web browser. Instead of using expensive desktop software, Shutterborg makes life easy by allowing you to edit documents online for free.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a free tool that includes a compelling functionality for editing the text of sites on the spot.

Some Questions About

Shouldn’t the team focus on the website editing abilities and develop only that from now on?

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