– A Mycologist’s Paradise

Shroomr.comComposer John Cage is said to have gotten lost on one of his infamous mushroom gathering trips. With Shroomr, a Google maps mashup and a mycologist’s best friend, you won’t end up like Mr.

Cage. Perhaps that’s a bit of an overstatement, but Shroomr is a cool little site all about shrooms and it’s got maps. With Shroomr mushroom lovers can plot out locations and add descriptions. Click on any mushroom icon to find out more about the shrooms in that area. Pick locations to increase the score. You can create RSS feeds for an area by selecting the RSS tab. Links are provided so you can find out more about your favorite dirt growing vegetables. In Their Own Words

“Basic Usage: To zoom in, double click on the map. When you are close enough, double clicking will enable you to plot a new location. To view an existing location, click on the mushroom icon. You are free to edit/update/create any locations in a similar manner to a wiki. If you find a defaced or lacking entry, please revert or improve it, if possible.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Shroomr is an interesting mashup. It’s a niche site that will appeal to mycologists and mushroom fiends. Good for locating mushrooms around the globe.

Some Questions About

Will the site add more features, e.g. user comments, directory of resources, pics? Is the site too limited by its subject matter to make it into the mainstream?