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Shrink2One.comThrough the suitably-named Shrink2One website you can convert multiple links into one shrinked link. This smaller link can be used for sharing purposes on a plethora of instant messagers such as Yahoo, AIM et al.


This application is put into practice like this: you merely input a number of links or URLs into the box which is located on the main page, and then hit the “Shrink Now” button. A smaller Shrink2OneURL is then produced for you to employ.

Basically, when you use this shrinked URL with your chosen web browser, what you see is all the URLs that make up that particular file alongside their live thumbnails. These can be clicked upon in order to visit them, just as if you had keyed in the address in the navigation bar.

Extra features of the creation process include choosing a title for the output file, and the inclusion of a password for the protection of your privacy and making sure only you will have access to the resulting shrinked file. In Their Own Words

“Shrink2One converts multiple links into one small (shrinked) link which you can use to share on several Instant messengers like yahoo, gTalk, jabber, AIM etc, email or even on a mobile phone SMS.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Practical tools like this one which make web browsing much smoother are always well-received by internauts.

Some Questions About

Are there any fees that must be paid for using this application?

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