– Tony Hawke’s Extreme Social Network

ShredorDie.comNew kid on the block ShredOrDie has taken up the popular subject of extreme sports– bmx, skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing—you name it, they’ve probably got it, if it’s cool and radical. A collaboration between the makers of funnyordie.

com and the skateboarding legend Tony Hawk (and his film company), ShredorDie aims to be the epitome of hip, with videos, people, and cultural stuff. Each sport has its own separate category, although it’s limited to skate, snow, surf, BMX, and moto. Other more general categories include tips, tricks, bails, and culture—here you’ll find a decent of selection bone breaking, harrowing stunts with maximum impact. Once you’re a signed up and registered member, you’ll get your very own profile page where you can post videos, life stories, deprecating comments, and you’ll even have fans and followers. For more interaction, check out the forums and post your thoughts. In Their Own Words

“What up? First off, since this is the inaugural blog post for Shred or Die, we’d like to say mahalo, gracias, danke, and thanks for visiting the site. As you can see there are lots of videos for you to watch and vote on, as well as other interactive features to explore. If you want, you can compliment (or diss) any of the videos you view, join the community via one or our forums, or just lurk around and get your action sports rocks off.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

ShredorDie has been lucky in its parentage. FunnyorDie has become quite popular and Tony Hawk is Tony Hawk, he’s got a film company, a clothing line and countless marketing tie-ins. He’s a brand in himself. With such a famous heritage, ShredorDie has it made. They’ve got the videos, the terminology and a sleek UI.

Some Questions About

Who needs more extreme sports social sites? Despite coming from the FunnyorDie folks and Mr. Hawk they’ve yet to come up with original stuff? Will they get it together?