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ShowUHowInc.comCustomer support would be exponentially easier if you could actually show your customers how to do something instead of telling them over the phone. Well, that is what Show U How is all about.


It is a support platform that manufacturers and retailers of consumer products can use to serve customers with video instruction guides showing how to set up and use their products.

These videos can last as long as 30 minutes, and they will be great not only for post-sale support but also for pre-sale guidance.

Statistics show that products which have to be configured have a higher return rate that products that are usable from the moment they are unpacked. Having to return a product leaves a bad taste in the mouth of consumers. They will think it twice before buying from you again. And every time a product is returned you (as the manufacturer) have shipping and handling costs to meet. A service like the one offered by Show U How will let you ensure that such a situation will be avoided as much as possible. In Their Own Words

“ShowUhow® provides a web-based, integrated sales and customer support platform for manufacturers and retailers of consumer products. The ShowUhow platform gives consumers access to the tools and services they need to effectively assemble, install, set-up and use a wide range of products from furniture and consumer electronics, to children’s products, outdoor and recreation equipment and small business solutions.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It can let you take care both of pre and post sale support in a way that is completely clear, and thus a real time-saver for everybody.

Some Questions About

Which other uses can this platform be put to?

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