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ShowMeWhatsWrong.comWhat do you do if your brother (the Whizz kid in the family) moves, and he has always been the one who pulled everybody out of computer-related difficulties? How do you explain what’s wrong with your desktop or laptop when he is half the country away? Well, a tool like Show Me What’s Wrong could stand as a good answer indeed.


In essence, it will let you create a screencast by recording your activity and then submitting it to the one that could help you out.

The service is not only free but also very easy to use. That is only fit, really – if you have to resort to help in the first place that is because you are not knowledgeable enough so as to deal with a complex application.

I guess that also goes into explaining why the site is so spartan in terms of design and overall layout. Frankly, I just don’t think anybody could get it wrong here. Kudos to the ones who devised it for keeping the design on par with the overall aim of the website. In Their Own Words

“Generate a help URL so friends and family can send you instant screen recordings to help trouble shoot computer issues.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It does its job directly and easily enough so as to be employed by anybody, and that includes those who are not tech-savvy in the slightest.

Some Questions About

In which ways could the site be further improved without ever becoming cluttered?

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