search cancel – Video Social Network is the website for a social video platform designed specifically for mobile users. We could think of it as a visual version of Twitter, because it allows users to share short videos (called “shoutz”) with contacts and follow other users’ video posts too.

The uses for Shoutz are all those you can imagine when you have the chance to broadcast live images of what you are seeing in real time. When you like a video someone else shared, you can save it on your profile or else “Reshout” it to your other contacts. Instead of writing what you are doing or seeing at any given moment, Shoutz lets you show to the world what you are seeing.

You can also follow celebrities and brands of your interests, who are using Shoutz to promote their activities and events.The app is available for iPhone or Android, and is totally free. Just visit to get the version you need according to your device.

Once you installed it on your smart phone, you can create a new account very easily, or also use your Facebook account directly. With the app working, you will see three different channels.

The First one of them is “Featured Shouts”, which will show you automatically the most viewed shoutz for that day. On “Channels” you will see listed the profiles of artists, celebrities or organizations that you follow. And “Streams” shows the videos posted by your friends and people whom you follow.

Also, you can share the shoutz you liked on Twitter, Facebook, sms, or e-mail, directly from the mobile platform. Recording the images that will be turn into your shoutz is as easy as tapping the record button you will see on the screen. Beware that if using Android, you need a 2.3 or higher device. In Their Own Words

Shoutz, the premier mobile-to-mobile social video platform that brings interaction to a new level.

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Why isn’t there a version for iPod touch devices?


Author : Charly Zaks

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