KillerStartups – Voice Tweeting Come True

Shouttr.netDo you like Twitter? Good on you. Are you wondering how could the actual service be either improved or redefined? If you do, then this site will show you how that could be done.

In principle, it will let you listen to your tweets just by installing a small client that syncs with your Twitter account. As your feed is updated, Shoutrr will read the new tweets to you.

The current version of Shoutrr is an alpha release, so do not expect it to run perfectly and without hitches. What it can do so far is let you have your pick from eight different voices, and both male and female voices are featured. That includes young and elderly people as well as sexy voices.

Future plans include the addition of celebrity voices, so that if you want to have Mariah Carey reading your tweets out someday that might become a tangible reality. For the time being, check the current version and see what you think. Does it have potential? Will it take off? In Their Own Words

“Why waste time reading your tweets? With Shouttr you can listen to them. The small desktop client syncs with your Twitter account, and updates your feed as it goes along. Shouttr minimizes to the System Tray so it won’t take up valuable desktop space. As new tweets are received, Shouttr shouts them all out to you. You can repeat tweets if you weren’t listening properly the first time.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Voiced tweets are a natural evolution of the concept of Twitter as we know it.

Some Questions About

How difficult is this to set up and configure?

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