– Bond With People Who Are Just Like You

Shoutreel.comShoutreel enables people who are spread all over the world to come together as one online. Through the site, they will be able to connect with others who share their very same interests and start interacting to the full.

And these interactive discussion groups (which can be created in a matter of seconds) can deal with just anything. Projects, hobbies, dreams, friends, professional interests… The list is virtually endless.

You can create as many reels as you want, and you can also comment on as many as you like. On Shoutreel, anyone and everyone is empowered to post just whatever he fancies. That is what gives the site its edge, in the end – how people can jump from one reel to another, and have a truly entertaining time.

To me, one of the coolest features on offer is the ability to do video shouting. As you can imagine, this means that users can record and post short video messages for all to see and comment upon. That is certainly an excellent way to break the ice with people you have yet to meet in person. Everything becomes more interactive, and (ultimately) more real. In Their Own Words

“Create your own reels to connect, share and have fun!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It offers people a really open way to connect and communicate with like-minded individuals.

Some Questions About

Will this be strong enough as a standalone service?