– Market Products Using Audio Messages

ShoutOmatic.comFacebook posts and Twitter status updates have forever changed the way in which products are marketed. And now that we have become accustomed to them, along comes a service like ShoutOmatic to disrupt everything again. This social platform lets businesses record short messages (“shouts”) straight from their desktops and smartphones, and have them instantly delivered to customers. These “shouts” last no longer than 30 seconds, and they can be used to promote just any kind of product.

In actuality “shouts” can also be used by musicians that want to market their latest records, and even by people who wish to say “happy birthday” in a way that is more personalized than a faceless email, or a flat e-card.

Still, the commercial side of ShoutOmatic is undoubtedly the one that will attract the most attention. “Shouts” are particularly suitable for the promotion of products since they all come with their very own QR codes, so that consumers will be given a direct link to what is being pitched, and a readier chance to experience it in real life. In Their Own Words

Stop typing, start shouting!

Some Questions About

Will “shouting” about a product ever become as popular as “tweeting” about it?